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Synonyms for empiricism

the application of empirical methods in any art or science

medical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings


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Even if it were possible do so, many empirical questions are
Whether identity diversity thus results in better group performance is another one of those empirical questions.
As with all research, the extent to which this study's findings are applicable to other settings and other circumstances is an empirical question that can best be determined through additional research.
Ultimately, however, how social workers define useful knowledge--specifically, how social workers who read Social Work define useful journal content--is an empirical question.
The benefit of leaving in questions that have already been mastered remains an empirical question.
Pinker: Whether humans are mentally indistinguishable or not is an empirical question, and we're not going to make people into clones by a desire that they be clones, even on the dubious premise that that is desirable.
By the way, this latter question about the effects on our humane sensibilities of the use and disposal of human embryos is an empirical question.
The net effect on employment and wages may therefore be positive or negative; it is ultimately an empirical question and one that requires a more sophisticated investigation that controls for other factors, such as changes in labor law.
The argument thus raises a major empirical question about whether for some reason or another these two advanced societies have come to resemble each other more closely in recent decades; and a second, more speculative and interpretive issue of whether, if they are indeed now more alike than different, they constitute a model worth emulating.
Some commentators argue, however, that this first empirical question need not detain us at all and that we do not even need to consider any empirical evidence, since it is so clear from the legislative intent of section 3501 that Congress meant to eliminate the Miranda warnings and return to the prior, less protective Due Process test.
An important empirical question arises concerning the amount of revenue generated by traffic enforcement.
This is an empirical question to be answered by evaluative studies.
It is an empirical question that begs an answer; and critics of inclusive education will quickly raise this question (as they should).
Whether we observe such behavior is then an empirical question.
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