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Synonyms for empirical

Synonyms for empirical

derived from experiment and observation rather than theory

relying on medical quackery


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While I personally feel that the outcome--pluralist compromise and conditional inclusion as observed in the Canadian case--is morally superior to outright exclusion or oppression, I am neither able to deduct pluralism's moral worth from my empirical observations, nor does the model of pluralism as a triangular relations guarantee that those who I consider the most deserving groups will be situated on the right sight of the equation.
Such choices make for aesthetic pleasure and moral clarity but hardly confirm a commitment to empirical observation beyond some common sense observations such as "changes in family environment can .
All credit is due to researchers like Maxwell, Planck, Bohr, and others for their efforts in modern science, but it must be recognized that without the concept of measurement, numbers, and empirical observation, their work would not have been possible.
279) are in an odd position, given their insistence on the will of the leader ("vision") in creating the future, and on the empirical observation that bureaucracies, at least, often exhibit considerably less intelligence than the individuals who make them up.
In response, Benedict argues that Christianity relies on truths deeper than empirical observation, chief among them that life has purpose.
The strengths of this book include its grounding in the literature and empirical observation, sensitivity to the needs and concerns of adult learners, and pragmatic discussions of techniques and methods that have appeared to be successful, unsuccessful, or simply not well-received.
While that should not force clinicians into emptying their clinical closet of the armoury of techniques and approaches that may have been learned through a lifetime of clinical work and empirical observation, it is necessary that a decision making framework is in place when planning change to a patients treatment or intervention.
Sullum repeats the now accepted empirical observation that "insanity pleas are offered only in about 1 percent of criminal cases.
Byl believes that science involves much more than empirical observation and mathematical analysis.
If you look at two months worth of statistics and then compare it to a five year average that would be an empirical observation, but I don't feel that it's enough to give a full picture," he said.
From an epistemological point of view, it is important to construct bridges between theory building and empirical observation.
Since nearly all particles will acquire an electrical charge when placed in a liquid, measuring the strength of the electrostatic force--the ability of individual particles to repel each other--can provide reliable information about the stability of a solution without depending on empirical observation alone.
founded on direct empirical observation and expressed in a transparent
TABLE 2 Competing definitions of EG: An evaluation Definition Type of Definition Any empirical observation Ostensive: "points" to which has been found to generalisations that may generalise (Barwise, exist in the literature.
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