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Synonyms for empirical

Synonyms for empirical

derived from experiment and observation rather than theory

relying on medical quackery


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Integrating ethnography, social theory, and empirical observation, Alice Mah attempts to contextualize the lived experiences of workers (both former and current) and residents to demonstrate how industrial decline has differentially affected various groups of people in her case study city-regions, and how these people in turn act in relation to processes of de-industrialization.
It is the empirical observation that is the standard for scientific judgment.
It would never have been made were it not for the empirical observation that an extract of willow bark was effective against pain.
Through careful on-ground empirical observation, it relates how a variety of popular culture vehicles from the United Kingdom and Europe have generated tourism and tourist culture fandom.
There are no official statistics, but from empirical observation there are several trends.
Dynamic geometry system may serve as a means for empirical observation as well as a source for the warrant of the claimed conjecture.
At its worst, it seems to be something like fideism (reality is not disputed, but we cannot truly know it or know it fully by empirical observation or reasoning).
10] Bitter disagreements and debates ensued about the proper relationship between tradition, experience, empirical observation and the clinical sciences in regard to bloodletting.
As a sociological concept, born from empirical observation and not from normative reasoning, the model shifts our perspective to those processes that are deemed to be significant by the researcher.
When sensational new discoveries are counter to empirical observation, caution is mandatory.
Graham says Austen's "overarching values--keeping faith with plausibility as empirical observation understands it, deriving details from real life, relying on fresh language rather than cant phrases--are not announced but [can] be inferred inductively" (17).
The purpose of this paper is to examine if this empirical observation can be confirmed by the socioeconomic data of the entire nation at the local government level.
The ability of photography and film to document empirical observation forms the topic of the first four essays, which collect and discuss visual evidence ranging from concentration camp footage (Ulrike Weckel) through visual representations of Argentinean Virtue prize-winners (Maria Fernanda Lorenzo, Ana Lia Rey, and Cecilia Toussounian) to photographic work by Ellen Hellmann (Marijke du Toit) and Eadweard Maybridge (Elspeth Brown).
Through analysis of Oviedo's diverse verbal and visual representations of the pineapple, for example, Myers argues that Oviedo came to rely less on European conceptual models and more on empirical observation in an attempt to convey its appearance.
The author is not familiar with common philosophical terminology: scientific deduction is said to be based on empirical observation (pp.
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