arithmetic mean

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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values

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Place the calculated mean values into an empirical mean vector u of dimensions M x 1.
As a result there is a significant difference between empirical mean and theoretical mean and research hypothesis, reviewed articles rate regarding critical thinking factors is below average, would be rejected.
P] the new hypothetical empirical mean in order to differentiate it from [[mu].
Our results demonstrate, however, that this method is inadequate because it may yield estimates that largely depart from the 'true' empirical mean.
The formulae developed by both groups (1-3) were developed by empirical means with no attempt to apply an appropriate mathematical model.
Although there are ways to mathematically predict this, our own experience shows that including this analysis in a computer simulation is usually unnecessary, as the transition point can be estimated by empirical means.
Yet wouldn't it be helpful if we could put to one side all prejudices and hearsay and employ some empirical means of assessing the relative merits of our trainers?
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