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Increasingly, public discussion will revolve around putting in place policies whose benefit can be confirmed by empirical evidence.
There are institutional agents devoted to ensuring the status quo, regardless of the empirical evidence.
The first study gathers empirical evidence concerning the overall picture of shareholder activism in Germany.
This research study is groundbreaking in that it's the first to provide empirical evidence of the link between BPD and mentalizing in adolescents.
There is some empirical evidence of gender differences related to assertiveness and motivations for participation in intercollegiate sport.
There are those wise enough to know that they don't know and who therefore seek to empower everyone to find solutions; they buttress their findings by evaluating and reevaluating empirical evidence.
Because bioethics is concerned with normative questions, it views empirical evidence as irrelevant.
However, the main argument seems to me to be very similar to that made by Edward Shorter in The Making of the Modern Family, released in 1975, except that Dagenais omits most of the empirical evidence for his arguments.
The board did temper the language somewhat by mandating that any supplemental material not promote religious doctrine and be "scientifically sound and supported by empirical evidence.
They are hardly empirical evidence of what society is thinking.
It reviews empirical evidence, assesses "what works" in the current system and argues that the complexity of medical malpractice stems from the interaction of the four discrete markets that determine outcomes: legal, medical malpractice insurance, medical care and government activity.
Being the top winner is an empirical evidence of our professionalism and the high quality we provide to our clients," Mr Ehab Hinnawi, CEO of Batelco Jordan said.
Anecdotal and empirical evidence of re-admissions linked with early ICU discharge
While a large number of studies examined the growth effects of international investment, the empirical evidence obtained so far is much less clear than the evidence on the relationship between trade and growth.
There is no empirical evidence that this is a reasonable objective, and there is overwhelming evidence that the subject is too difficult for a high percentage of these youngsters to master.
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