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British, anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth

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I have a vivid memory of us marching around the hall at Blackmoor Park Infants' School, West Derby, singing: "Flags of our empire waving high above " A 1920s postcard shows costumed girls cel ebrating Empire Day at Lawrence Road Coun cil School, Wavertree.
When Empire Day was first introduced it was better celebrated, it was seen as a confirmation of the superiority of the British.
In 1916, Lord Milner, arguing that the Union Jack should be hoisted on Government buildings on Empire Day, noted that in 1914, Empire Day had been celebrated in over thirty-six thousand British schools worldwide.
This is always a gruelling test for a two year old and I am quite sure he will win it again today and could even have the 1-2 with Empire Day and Philanthropy.
79) Moreover, children in the YBL were especially involved in Empire Day celebrations; local branches and the national executive organized parades, rallies, military drills,
Imperial propaganda was at its most successful when there was plenty of sugar to cover the pill; as with Empire Day (a half-holiday), all those imperial stories for boys by Henty and co.
But it was Wells who ran Disney's sprawling empire day after day, from the theme parks and the merchandising to the film and TV studios.
Among them were Empire Day (celebrated just before Victoria Day), Armistice Day, and Queen Victoria's birthday.
In fact, one of the most interesting and fresh portions of the book was the response to the complaints of empire organizations that schools were ignoring the imperial educations of their charges--imperial history, the geography of the empire, and physical training, subjects often linked with outside groups such as the Boy Scouts and the Empire Day Movement.
Beamish Museum Saturday and Sunday, it's all in celebration Empire Day, traditionally held on May 24 - the birthday of Queen Victoria - and intended to encourage people, especially children, to be aware their duties as citizens.
The company commandeered May 24 as BathEmpire Day for the first time this year after discovering that the date was once celebrated as Empire Day on what was Queen Victoria's birthday.
Latest aircraft shown off at Thornaby BRITAIN showed some of her air secrets to the world at the Thornaby Air Show on Empire Day.
I AM 86 and I can remember that before the war we used to go to the local park on May 24 when it was Empire Day.