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Systematics of the Eriacaceae, Empetraceae, Epacridaceae and related taxa based on up rbcL sequence data.
En esta clasificacion las Epacridaceae son incluidas como Styphelioideae y las Empetraceae como la tribu Empetreae dentro de Ericoideae.
These explicitly phylogenetic studies showed not only that Ericaceae were paraphyletic in the traditional sense but also that Empetraceae and Epacridaceae were derived from within Ericaceae.
The Ericaceae, including Empetraceae, Epacridaceae, Monotropaceae, and Pyrolaceae, are a large, cosmopolitan family of more than 125 genera and 4500 species, which inhabit the temperate regions of the world and montane areas in tropical latitudes (Kron, 1996; Kron et al.
Those that retained wind pollination include members of several monocot (Cyperaceae, Juncaceae, and Poaceae) and dicot families (Chenopodiaceae, Empetraceae, Euphorbiaceae [Fig.