Emperor of Rome

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sovereign of the Roman Empire

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TRAINER Michael Dods took advantage of the 'boycott' of the bigger yards by sending out Emperor Of Rome, who is owned by Malta-based Elizabeth and John Ranson, to win the all-aged maiden, the three-year-old making all and scoring by four lengths in the hands of Sean Levey.
00pm) The legacy of Septimius Severus, an African who became Emperor of Rome, and proceeded to lead a campaign against Britons holding ground north of Hadrian's Wall.
The series concludes with a new theory about how the Great Fire of London started, while The Untold Invasion of Britain is about Septimius Severus, an African who became Emperor of Rome.
Titus: The Death of an Emperor" is a two act play using the tale of Titus, a good man and Emperor of Rome.
Claudius had also outlawed Christianity in this time period because he wished to be praised as the one supreme god, the Emperor of Rome.
He added: "Jesus was born while Augustus was emperor of Rome just before Herod died.
From these beginnings, he maneuvered his way to be the Emperor of Rome for nearly half a century, making him one of the longest serving monarchs in all of history.
TO: His Excellency Romulus Augustus, Emperor of Rome
In the year 64, Nero, emperor of Rome, set the city ablaze, blaming it on Christians.
who used to be known as Octavianus (or Octavian) before he became Emperor of Rome.
Adrian crowned him in 1155, but Frederick left the Pope in no doubt that as Emperor of Rome he intended to control Rome, and when they first met he ostentatiously refused the usual courtesy of holding the Pope's stirrup.
Among the rousing adventures of this poet-warrior was the rescue of an emperor of Rome itself (he's called King ibn Marqus) at the head of a Byzantine Greek force, even though the Byzantines were enemies of the Arabs.
The "evil old man, crippled and malformed," who led his nation into wars and foreign entanglements, was Caligula, Emperor of Rome.
BORN in AD37, Nero became Emperor of Rome at 17 but his age didn't stop him from becoming a tyrant.
His rule was contemporary with that of the African Emperor of Rome, Septimius Severus, at a time when Africans dominated the so-called "Known World".