Emperor of Rome

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sovereign of the Roman Empire

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Among the revelations on the lance head (or contos head) is that the real King Arthur may have been Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus Carausius, a 3rd century Belgic sailor from humble origins who rose up through the ranks to eventually become a Rogue Emperor of Rome.
He added: "Jesus was born while Augustus was emperor of Rome just before Herod died.
From these beginnings, he maneuvered his way to be the Emperor of Rome for nearly half a century, making him one of the longest serving monarchs in all of history.
TO: His Excellency Romulus Augustus, Emperor of Rome
In the year 64, Nero, emperor of Rome, set the city ablaze, blaming it on Christians.
who used to be known as Octavianus (or Octavian) before he became Emperor of Rome.
Among the rousing adventures of this poet-warrior was the rescue of an emperor of Rome itself (he's called King ibn Marqus) at the head of a Byzantine Greek force, even though the Byzantines were enemies of the Arabs.
The "evil old man, crippled and malformed," who led his nation into wars and foreign entanglements, was Caligula, Emperor of Rome.
BORN in AD37, Nero became Emperor of Rome at 17 but his age didn't stop him from becoming a tyrant.
His rule was contemporary with that of the African Emperor of Rome, Septimius Severus, at a time when Africans dominated the so-called "Known World".
It helped to deflect the anger of Protestant princes who might have been upset over the carelessness with which the Exercitatio of 1641 surrendered Rome to the papacy, and that of a king of Germany who insisted on being treated as emperor of Rome.
IMAGO will showcase sixteen portraits including a major, over life size marble head of Tiberius, emperor of Rome from 14-37 A.
The series opened with Augustus, the emperor of Rome, attempting to find an heir as his wife Livia''s plots to have her own son Tiberius become emperor.
Another contender is Libyan-born Septimus Severus, who became Emperor of Rome before moving to Britain and rebuilding Hadrian's Wall.
Among the best moments were film spoofs in which a hot and bothered Commodus, murderous emperor of Rome (played by Fallon), takes a bimbo-esque Brockovich (Dunst) on a blind date.