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a New Testament book containing Saint Paul's epistle to Titus

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The busts of Julius Caesar, Emperor Titus and an Imperial Princess Sculpture conservator Lottie Barnden puts Caesar in place Pictures: COLIN LANE
Washington, June 25 (ANI): Archaeologists have unearthed a hoard of ancient Roman treasures, including a marble head of the Roman emperor Titus, during an excavation outside the southern Italian city of Naples.
Berenice tells the story of the Roman emperor Titus, who is in love with the foreign Berenice; the citizens are against this match, so after a long struggle he sacrifices his love for the good of the empire.
by the Roman Emperor Titus as part of the crushing of revolt in Judaea.
Completed in 80 AD under Emperor Titus, it was used for gladiatorial contests.
the Jewish population increased greatly with the emperor Titus bringing thousands of Jewish slaves to Rome to march in his triumphal pageant following the sack of Jerusalem.