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the largest penguin

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Emperor penguins are masters of Antarctic survival, and Weddell seals are the only air-breathing animal to make their homes under Antarctica's fast ice, or sea ice connected to the mainland.
The book contains the story of the birth and development of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica.
Nor is it known how climate changes would affect other emperor penguin populations throughout Antarctica, Caswell said.
The reason for not returning the penguin directly to Antarctica is that Emperor penguins of this age are usually found north of Antarctica on pack ice and in the open ocean," he said.
It's far too cold to hang about, says the face of one Emperor penguin who looks almost bashful at being caught on camera with his lady-love.
Washington, October 21 ( ANI ): Emperor penguins propel through the water by releasing air from their feathers in the form of tiny bubbles, a team of scientists has found.
At four feet tall and one hundred pounds, emperor penguins are the largest of all the eighteen species of penguins, and, with orange stripes along their beaks and yellow and orange shading around their necks and chests, one of the most colorful.
A few weeks ago I saw a documentary about emperor penguins.
Opened in 1983, the penguin facility has yielded much breeding success: this is the only place where emperor penguins have bred in captivity.
The report concludes that such significant warming and sea ice loss would likely lead to the marked decline or complete disappearance of many penguin colonies, including 50 percent of Emperor Penguins and 75 percent of Adelie Penguins.
Emperor penguins not only allowed the masked rover to approach, they even tried to vocalize to it and let it join a huddle of chicks.
There are emperor penguins in Antarctica and the lesser-known Humboldt penguins in the arid Atacama desert of Peru.
Emperor penguins are probably the ones most people think of when the species is mentioned.
The Emperor penguins get lost in a blizzard on their way to their breeding grounds.
95) visits the Emperor Penguins where he talks and plays with them and learns interesting facts about them along the way.