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Roman Emperor notorious for his monstrous vice and fantastic luxury (was said to have started a fire that destroyed much of Rome in 64) but the Roman Empire remained prosperous during his rule (37-68)

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Party spokesperson Manish Tewari likened her to Emperor Nero, who played fiddle when Rome burned.
Seeking Star, owned by Kumail A Jalil Al Mallah, trained by Ramzi Al Baqlawa and to be ridden by John Egan, is the best bet to win this race while its nearest challengers are The Emperor Nero and Nasyaan.
Archaeologists have unveiled the remains of a revolving banquet room built by the Roman emperor Nero, who ruled between 54 and 68 BC and was famed for his depraved and extravagant lifestyle, a statement said Wednesday.
Nero's Lighthouse, built by the Roman Emperor Nero between AD 64 and 65.
In 62AD the Roman Emperor Nero sent slaves up to the mountains to bring back snow to mix with nectar, fruit and honey.
ICE CREAM In 1AD, Roman Emperor Nero ordered runners to pass buckets of snow from the mountains along the Appian Way down to Rome to be flavoured with red wine and honey.
This article looks at the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero, an example of power run amok.
Epilogue: In 1951, Peter Ustinov played Emperor Nero in Quo Vadis, about Nero's madness and his persecution of Christians in Rome.
Emperor Nero as a spoiled teenage brat, smoking pot, sniffing coke, swigging booze and stripping to his shorts to pounce on Poppea?
According to tradition, Paul was taken to Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero and beheaded.
Loosely based on history, it tells of the love affair between the Roman emperor Nero and Poppea, his social-climbing mistress.
of Southern Denmark), and reached the apex of its power, as well as its extinction, in the person of the emperor Nero.
This individual fun chair has the look of the throne the Emperor Nero would use at the Roman games'.
This included the circus where the emperor Nero had the apostle Peter martyred.
Two thousand years ago, Roman Emperor Nero peered through an emerald monocle to better see his gladiators in combat.