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Roman Emperor notorious for his monstrous vice and fantastic luxury (was said to have started a fire that destroyed much of Rome in 64) but the Roman Empire remained prosperous during his rule (37-68)

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The gold coin <B found at Vindolanda Roman fort in Northumberland from the reign of the notorious Emperor Nero
All three maps will task players in capturing a landmark like a God Tree, and defending its Emperor from harm; in this case, Emperor Nero.
HS2 must be the worst-handled major infrastructure project since the Emperor Nero torched Rome to make way for his new palace.
Other works have been set up in the Temple of Romulus, at the Barberini Vineyard and the Cryptoporticus of Emperor Nero, scattered where they can be discovered by visitors as they wander through the covered porticos and wide green gardens of this ancient part of the Eternal City.
The Colosseum, which measures 48m high, 189m long and 156m wide, takes its name from a statue of the Emperor Nero that used to stand on the same spot.
00 Thurles Claudia Augusta was the only daughter of the Roman emperor Nero by his second wife Poppaea Sabina.
BISHOP Devine says David Cameron is like Roman emperor Nero.
And guess what, the Emperor Nero was still there in the Colosseum, waving happily to the lions.
The hoard dates back to 190 BC and the last coin to be added dates to AD63/4 in the reign of Emperor Nero.
Rome: It s safe to say that the Emperor Nero -- the subject of a major new exhibition and archaeology trail that opened in the Roman Forum this week -- has always had something of an image problem.
The Great Fire of Rome: The Fall of Emperor Nero and His City" looks at the history of Rome surrounding the fire that destroyed the city in the first century AD.
Party spokesperson Manish Tewari likened her to Emperor Nero, who played fiddle when Rome burned.
The Emperor Nero, who lived in the first century AD, sent runners into the mountains to bring back snow as quickly as possible.
Seeking Star, owned by Kumail A Jalil Al Mallah, trained by Ramzi Al Baqlawa and to be ridden by John Egan, is the best bet to win this race while its nearest challengers are The Emperor Nero and Nasyaan.
Archaeologists have unveiled the remains of a revolving banquet room built by the Roman emperor Nero, who ruled between 54 and 68 BC and was famed for his depraved and extravagant lifestyle, a statement said Wednesday.