Emperor Napoleon III

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nephew of Napoleon I and emperor of the French from 1852 to 1871 (1808-1873)

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The painting will be on display at Bowes alongside other scene-setting works: Jules de Vignon's Portrait of Emperor Napoleon III after Winterhalter, dated 1867; The Emperor Napoleon III Reviewing Troops on the Champs Elysees, Paris by H.
In France, President Louis Napoleon launched a coup against his own presidency, and re-emerged in 1852 as Emperor Napoleon III.
The down-to-earth portrayal of Napoleon as field commander favored by France's "citizen king" was not compatible with the imperial aspirations of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon's nephew), who gradually assumed control of the provisional French government, initially as president of the republic, and who by 1852 was in a powerful enough of a position to proclaim the foundation of the Second Empire and himself Emperor Napoleon III.
He identifies France's Emperor Napoleon III as the founder of the first personality cult--modern in that his legitimacy allegedly derived not from divine right but rather from popular sovereignty.
BRITAIN was under threat of invasion by French emperor Napoleon III and Liverpool people prepared to defend the port.
In France, Louis Philippe, the citizen king, was unseated, only to be replaced soon after by Emperor Napoleon III.
September 4 is the day emperor Napoleon III was deposed in 1870 and the Third French Republic was created.
The success of the house under Pierre-Franoaois peaked in 1853 with the creation of Eau de Cologne Impoyriale which was created for Empress Eugenie, wife of Emperor Napoleon III.
He held firm republican views and was horrified when, in 1851, Louis Napoleon made himself Emperor Napoleon III of France.
Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie ruled; Impressionists were painting; Jules Verne was writing, but Thomas Edison and the Statue of Liberty were more popular.
According to the Oxford Companion to Food, Emperor Napoleon III held a competition to come up with an inexpensive alternative to butter, and it was won by a fellow named Mege Mouries in 1869.
Yet Eugenie was viewed by many as 'an intrigante on the throne', as the British Foreign Secretary sneered, when she married the new Emperor Napoleon III in 1853.
France's Emperor Napoleon III decided to go a step further, and collect the debt by making Mexico into a French colony.
West Australian proved a disappointing sire and had passed into the ownership of Emperor Napoleon III by the time of his death in France in 1870, aged 20.
The Paris church of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, donated to the Polish community by 19th century Emperor Napoleon III, is one of the best known.