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Roman Emperor and nephew of Constantine

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The correspondence between the diplomatic activity evident in The Ethiopian story (as discussed above) and the embassies between Rome and Ethiopia in the reigns of Constantine and Constantius during a period of political change, strengthens an already strong and widely accepted case for reading Heliodorus's novel as a fourth-century text, especially as these exchanges continued under the emperor Julian.
It is from his conception about a play on Emperor Julian and onwards that a continuing reference to religious feasts becomes a significant element in Ibsen's playwriting.
Three areas in particular stand out in this category: Martin's service in the army while still a catechumen, Martin's service under the hostile pagan emperor Julian, and Bishop Martin's dealings with the nominally Christian emperor Maximus.
It charts the rampant spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, which was temporarily stemmed by the fourth-century Roman Emperor Julian, who attempted to revive moribund pantheism.
Sandwell similarly counters arguments that there was a "pagan party" in Antioch focused on the emperor Julian.
95) tells of the violent death of the emperor Julian and his journey from his Christian childhood to his involvement in pagan cults and his mission to establish paganism as the dominant faith of the Roman world.
The anti-Christian excesses of the Emperor Julian (331-63) resulted, however, in a Christian backlash leading to the suppression of Hellenistic culture--including schools and books.
In his 500-word homily Dr Sentamu, a former judge and bishop of Birmingham, refers to the Roman Emperor Julian, to Stephen Lawrence and Damilola Taylor.
For example, in 4th century Rome the Emperor Julian claimed that homosexuality caused earthquakes; and more recently, George Bush claimed Congress caused the East Coast blackout of 2003 by refusing to allow oil drilling in Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge.
The scathing treatise Against the Galilaeans by the last pagan emperor Julian (361-363) accepts the earthly Christ without qualms, with frequent allusions to episodes in his life and ministry.
A mithraic background in the religious conflicts in Alexandria in times of the emperor Julian according to Athanasius' Life in Photius' Bibliotheca
Some seventeen hundred years ago, this area nurtured several of the most remarkable individuals of late antiquity, including the unforgettable emperor Julian (the Apostate).
The emperor Julian always felt uneasy about the dual nature of his education.
One of the earliest records of yodeling was in the Fourth Century when the Roman Emperor Julian complained about the "wild shrieking sounds coming out of the northern mountains.