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king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor

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I notice the mountain stream is still in full flow, and with not even a hint of conflict in the air, it's safe to say Emperor Charlemagne is still sound asleep.
For that reason, it has been sought by emperors and tyrants - including the Emperor Charlemagne and Napoleon Bonaparte.
34 In which German city is the emperor Charlemagne buried?
As the medieval emperor Charlemagne put it so well, "to have another language is to possess a second soul.
The first medieval document that offers us a glimpse of what a typical garden contained is a decree issued to cities in the 9th Century by the Emperor Charlemagne.
In the ninth century, the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne is said to have passed laws mandating the consumption of flax, presumably to improve public health.
The predominant image of masculine cohesion is, however, reinforced by the subsequent affirming and strengthening of the bond that ties Boves to the emperor Charlemagne.
In 1804, in an elaborate ceremony reminiscent or the coronation of Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne and in the presence of Pope Pius VII, Napoleon grasped his sword to his heart and put the crown on his own head (4).
It is believed that Alfonso II spread the fame of this new shrine rapidly and widely, sending relics to, among others, the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne (himself to die in 814) and Pope Saint Leo III (795-816).
The Emperor Charlemagne ordered it to be planted on the roofs of all his subject's houses to give them protection.
From our base in Germany's charming Westerwald, we went up to Aachen, where Emperor Charlemagne is interred in a sarcophagus that looks like a giant, solid-gold jewelry chest that is the focal point of the city's restored cathedral.