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the psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment

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THE ADAGE THAT THE GRASS IS GREENER on the other side could resonate with this year's freshman class, who rated their emotional health in comparison to their peers' at the lowest level in 25 years, according to results published by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA from its 2010 Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) freshman survey.
These reports support the findings that the quality of relationships available to the child will be the most influential factor on the degree of emotional health and wellbeing of that child.
Our six contributors suffer from a range of emotional health issues and to see how the advice they've received as part of the show has helped improve their quality of life has been really inspiring.
Perry (Women's and Children's Health Policy Center, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) presents material on the impact of social and emotional health to school readiness, stressing the importance of building and maintaining links between mental health and medical, educational, and social services.
While previous research has established the link between physical activity and emotional health, this was a rather large-scale study that provides clear data to support the conclusions," Ms.
Straw goes beyond the physical aspects of health and discusses the importance of giving thoughtful consideration to the emotional health of pets and to guarding them against unnecessary stresses that can lead to anxiety, depression, or other maladies.
A SPIRITUAL PATH TO OVERCOMING INFERTILITY: CREATING YOUR MIRACLE FAMILY NOW offers all the keys to emotional health and connects them to fertility improvement, making it a 'must' for any with trouble starting a family.
She needed something different to restore her emotional health.
Emotional health was a significant positive predictor of engagement in health promotion activities and an important factor for a healthy lifestyle in the rural, elderly caregiver.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A physician who relies on parent reports to assess the effects of asthma on a child's physical and emotional health may be getting only part of the story, according to findings presented in a poster at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies.
A majority of those incidents targeted spouses or children, with potentially harmful effects on their emotional health (SN: 5/27/06, p.
People are discharged to the streets in a fragile state of mental, physical and emotional health, with no money and, because of decades of systemic failures, nowhere to call home.
It is the fourth CD from the club's Coping With Life series which will complement the work going on in schools to support pupils' emotional health and well being.
Warning that those who suffer from the devastating effects of trauma cannot simply think themselves happy, and offering down-to-earth wisdom for improving one's emotional health and well-being without setting unrealistic goals, It's Not Your Fault is a powerful and vital contribution to understanding the deepest parts of oneself and how to seek out the help one needs to improve the quality of one's life.
Your environment, stress levels, daily lifestyle, emotional health, and spiritual outlook are part of a balanced detoxification program.