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a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email

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More than just emoji and GIF sharing, Kika's keyboard apps provide our users with super fast typing & swiping, natural language prediction, theme & layout customization, and an open plugin platform capable of making any task more convenient.
Emoji Plus is the first application that enables Samsung users to receive and send latest Apple-style emojis.
Across the board, emojis have been diversified but they seem to have bumped off the red-haired lassie.
I'm now au fait with when to use pouting cat face, flexed bicep and splashing sweat emojis, but still need a bit of work on left-pointing magnifying glass and dizzy face.
An emoji to the far right will also identify the Official Story.
Emojis are now crucial to how young couples connect and research suggests creation of official safe sex emoji is vital to get protection into this conversation
But while that emoji is top "word" - following in the footsteps of "vape", "selfie" and "omnishambles" - there are no plans to include the icons themselves in any Oxford dictionary.
Users can even add a personal message or fun emoji style graphics to the photo.
It's a text message from your crush-a "hey" with a sunglass emoji.
LIVERPOOL rescue dogs have inspired the first ever dog emoji keyboard launched by a canine welfare charity.
Apple is set to debut a new set of emoji characters when it ships the latest version of its iOS operating system.
Critics say emoji passwords aren't hacker-proof and that remembering a sequence of emojis can be as tricky as recalling numbers.
Please wait I'm going to need another box of tissues (Insert crying emoji again
Haha' was the most common expression used at 51 per cent followed by various emoji symbols (34 per cent) and 'hehe' with 13 per cent, while LOL languished in fourth with less than two per cent.