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a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email

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The Emoji Movie won four out of the 10 prizes up for grabs at the annual film awards, which celebrates the worst the movie industry has to offer, including the most dubious honour of all - worst picture of 2017.
Any Two Obnoxious Emojis in 'The Emoji Movie' for Worst Screen Combo
The Emoji Movie," Sony Pictures children's film about talking emoticons, earned four Golden Raspberries, including worst picture, director and screenplay.
We are extremely 'Smiley Face' to announce the launch of emoji domains under the .
Alongside Leo Stickers' artist-created emoji stickers, these innovative tools put the LEO companies at the forefront of a new era of visual communication.
com/global/in-depth-look-1-how-the-galaxy-s9-reimagines-the-smartphone-camera) press release , Samsung said that it developed AR Emoji "to offer users a visual communication tool that allows them to express themselves in a way that's unique to them.
New emojis: A fainting emoji (to express something shocking in a funny way).
In September 2017, Senator King wrote to the Unicode Consortium requesting it include the lobster emoji in its standard character set, citing its significant impact Maines culture and economy.
CANDID: Vyvyan Evans says without emojis people are "reduced communicators".
discussion about how Google's burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the
As emojis become a globally-recognised way of communicating, the 11 new emoji additions will be making Love Hearts history.
Specsavers has launched a new collection of children's glasses to coincide with the release of The Emoji Movie.
So if you want to make a point, do it however you feel works for you - send it in a letter or tweet an "unhappy face" emoji.
City Centre Bahrain is going emoji crazy and there are plenty of desirable fashion deals to be snapped up in the stores and fun to be had.
If it has to with your partner, heart eyes emoji has it all the way.