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Synonyms for emission

Synonyms for emission

the act of emitting

the occurrence of a flow of water (as from a pipe)

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Offers line of mixed metal, liquid and powder stabilizers for flexible PVC, including solvent-free liquid stabilizers that allow low emmissions and are suitable for automotive, low-flame spread, and plastisol coating applications.
Like Baliunas and Jastrow, Lean's group took an approach that revolves around observations of th sun's calcium emmissions, which relate to the vigor of the magnetic activityd on the sun's surface.
The 39,000 scfm RE-THERM will be used to control VOC emmissions from Monsanto's Antwerp, Belgium, chemical plant.
HZG leads the work package on air pollution with the objectives to assess the current air pollution from shipping in the Baltic Sea region using state-of-the-art modelling, and to establish future scenarios of ship emmissions and effects of emission changes on the Baltic Sea region.
Government climate change policies provide massive subsidies to the owners of wind farms, but do little to reduce emmissions.
The Orkney Islands have the highest level of CO2 emmissions in Scotland while Powys is the worst performing Welsh authority.
The more people there are on the planet the more energy they will use - about 750 tonnes of carbon emmissions each, the equivalent of 620 trans-Atlantic flights.
The UK is responsible for just 2% globally of CO2 emmissions which for some reason excludes air transport.
But it is expected to warn more research is needed into possible effects of radiation emmissions.
Viewed by their radio emmissions, galaxies appear a good deal larger than they do in visible light.
It is an important part of the solutions needed to secure big emmissions cuts while creating succesfull business models.
NEDO started promoting R&D projects in ocean energy power generation technologies in 2011 in order to develop world-leading technology and help reduce emmissions in Japan.