Emmett Kelly

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United States circus clown (1898-1979)

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While some of the detailed images of Emmett Kelly have historical interest, much of Leighton-Jones' other work appears vacuous and because it adheres closely with the aesthetics of the time, it is nearly interchangeable with the work of his contemporaries.
Action was taken against Emmett Kelly on behalf of his landlord Wirral Partnership Homes.
But in his spacious lounge, overlooking a lawn which he readily acknowledges is in need of a trim,Arthur thinks again of Emmett Kelly.
Though the circuses left 60 years ago, Peru remained the home of such famous circus performers as Emmett Kelly the clown, Willie Wilno, the Human Cannonball and the Hodgini Troupe of circus performers.
Another Peru resident with colorful memories of the circus is Eva Mae Lewis, who traveled the circuit with her husband, Emmett Kelly.
Later honorees included the daring Wallenda high-wire troupe, legendary clown Emmett Kelly, the Bale Family aerialists and animal trainers, circus owner P.
Coco was there and the Austins, but the clown who appealed most to Arthur was Emmett Kelly, the American hobo clown, who was slow and silent, but could raise wonder in a child with the slightest movement.
Simply Country will introduce several new licenses including Popeye, Wyland and Leighton, Jones Emmett Kelly collection.
Currently, the company's portfolio of licensed lottery properties includes but is not limited to Betty Boop(TM), Corvette, Cow Parade(TM), Elvis Presley(R), Emmett Kelly, Jr.
Over the years such greats as Karl Wallenda, Emmett Kelly, Lou Jacobs and Gunther Gebel-Williams have been honored.
Arthur retains the enthusiasm he first had as a child when he dreamed of following in the footsteps of his hero Emmett Kelly, the American hobo clown.
Currently, the company's portfolio of licensed lottery properties includes but is not limited to Betty BoopTM, Corvette, Cow ParadeTM, Elvis Presley(R), Emmett Kelly, Jr.
R), Harley-Davidson(R), The Hollywood Sign(TM) and Hollywood Walk of Fame(TM), Pink Panther(TM), Emmett Kelly, Jr.
In 2002, Lubin was inducted into the International Clown Hall of Fame, and now his costume joins the memorabilia of such world famous clowns as Lou Jacobs and Emmett Kelly.
If the city had any sense they'd get rid of the thing and replace it with a larger-than-life-size statue of Emmett Kelly as Sad Willie, which, in addition to functioning as public art also has the possibility, admittedly rather remote, of turning into a tourist attraction.