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Swiss cheese with large holes

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The French government began its defense of the rind requirement for Emmenthal cheese to be sold within its borders by arguing that Article 34 does not apply in such a case since the regulation did not apply to imported cheese products and was designed only to apply to domestic producers of Emmenthal cheese.
The New York sandwich (above) with pastrami, Emmenthal cheese and guerkins and (inset) the deliciously fresh ham and brie panini
According to Zurich-based international tax expert Mark Morris, this is all the more true because Rubik is like emmenthal cheese: full of holes.
This enzyme plays an important role in aroma and flavour development in Emmenthal and Gouda cheese production, due to its ability to induce proteolysis (VARNAM & SUTHERLAND, 1995).
e farina e pasta, e lievito ed acqua, smalto, pachino, papille, frutti di mare, pupille, melinzane, frenuli, vrustel, otturazioni, polipetti, anidride solforosa, semini, denervazioni, olio piccante, muco, acido malico, carie, mozzarella 'n coppa, afte, quattro stagioni, epiteli, anidride carbonica, emmenthal, sudore, peperoncino, herpes, bufala, rimmel, antociani, fiati, cotto, palati, pelati, placca, lacca, etilico, bava, ricotta, rossetto, spinaci, fondotinta.
For a starter, try the red onion veloute, a creamy version of French onion soup served with deep-fried Emmenthal cheese sticks on the side.
Hochland's Streichfein brand of cheese spreads has four different flavours: Gouda, light Gouda, Emmenthal and Maasdam.
Also try gruyere and Jarlsberg or Emmenthal or Stilton.
Um no, it was Emmenthal I'm afraid, I went Swiss," he says sheepishly, as well he might.
A canopy over the orchestra was added, as hole-ridden as an Emmenthal cheese, from which parasitical men emerged to leech off the life of Anna, the heroic, generous-hearted protagonist.
It also makes cheese varieties indigenous to other countries such as Camembert, Gouda and Emmenthal, says cheese expert Susanne Hoffmann of Munich cheese ripener Tolzer Kasladen.
They are experimenting with asiago, emmenthal and other varieties.
Aside from the accessories, if they are part of your product mix, remind customers that you sell Emmenthal or Gruyere in the deli, or French bread, chocolate, or any other foods that are associated with making delicious fondue.