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Swedish theologian (1688-1772)

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Partiendo del simbolo como aquello que sugiere una realidad ulterior, Diaz retoma al naturalista y teosofo sueco Emmanuel Swedenborg, cuando distingue entre la percepcion de los fenomenos fisicos y las percepciones sobrenaturales y plantea su correspondencia en la naturaleza gracias al mundo espiritual.
En las raices teosoficas de la doctrina valleinclaniana situa a los grupos ocultistas de los siglos XVII y XVIII y, en especial, al sueco Emmanuel Swedenborg a quien el autor le atribuye una importancia capital en la introduccion y difusion del pensamiento analogico en la estetica moderna.
Phineas Quimby, Emmanuel Swedenborg, the Fox sisters, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Helena Blavatsky comprise the historical period from 1812 to 1860.
Chapter 10 explores the philosophical influence Emmanuel Swedenborg may have had on Smith's religious leanings.
I have found a whole new view of the Christian faith through reading Emmanuel Swedenborg, an 18th-century Christian mystic who explored heaven and hell through his extraordinary meditative trances.
32:28) The theme of transcendence and redemption through struggle, implicit in the Jacob narrative, is a recurrent one in nineteenth century art and thought--prominent in the idealist philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the music-dramas of Richard Wagner, the biblical exegeses and occult writings of Emmanuel Swedenborg, as well as the criticism of Charles Baudelaire.