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port city in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf

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Expression of Interest for the Selection of a Development Partner fot the Hassyan Clean Coal Power Project - Phase I wtih Dubai Electricity & Water Authority in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE.
June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Tiger-Consulting Asia , a firm that simplifies the process by which Western and European companies expand throughout Asia, announced today the opening of a new office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) emirate of Dubai.
The authority will also handle matters pertaining to security and safety measures, signage boards and establishing the terms, regulations and technical specifications for bicycles in the emirate of Dubai.
It also reviewed the results of a social census carried out in the emirate of Dubai in 2013, which included a sector-wise study that included a segment of the population that is representative of different areas in the emirate, in order to highlight various social issues, assess the level of individual awareness on some social issues as well as individual awareness regarding the authority's services.
The Reservation and Distribution Center of the Department of Transport Systems at the Public Transport Agency (RTA), is one of the centers which provides many important services for the users of taxis in the Emirate of Dubai.
Moving forward with the consolidation of Dubai's status in this field will develop Islamic Finance in the Emirate of Dubai and provide financial services compliant with Islamic law.
This provision in the law for a presence of the SME Establishment outside the Emirate of Dubai is a testament to the importance attached by the Government of Dubai to the promotion of SME's not only in its own Emirate but also across the length and breadth of the UAE.
A century ago, the emirate of Dubai began to prepare for a transformation into a commercial and financial center in the Middle East, by establishing the laws and other related components.
Summary: Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, will "pick and choose" how to aid the debt-laden Emirate of Dubai
Summary: Prosecutors in the Gulf emirate of Dubai have charged a former minister with embezzling public funds and "harming state interests," the official WAM news agency reported.
Independent statistical body Statistics Centre of Dubai has published the 17th issue of its annual statistical yearbook entitled Statistical Year Book - Emirate of Dubai 2005.
One of the richest of the Gulf States and a sporting nirvana, the formerly oil-rich Emirate of Dubai, is enjoying unprecedented good times as it diversifies away from black gold to cater for tourists looking for almost endless sunshine and five-star service.
The Emirates Civil Aviation Authority said the plane took off yesterday for the Emirate of Dubai, leaving behind two passengers to be questioned by police over a remark about a bomb.
But instead of being released she was taken to the neighbouring emirate of Dubai for a fresh trial.
The Emirate of Dubai has only 1-2 rigs in operation while Sharjah has only one rig in operation due to low drilling