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UNICEF Desk Officer for Emmanuel Alayande College of Education who supervised the workshop, Dr Olusola Adesina, appealed to every state in the country to adopt Reggio Emilia pedagogy as a teaching method in their early childhood education programme.
And was this why Emilia was being framed for his murder?
Emilia who has her eponymous label, is known for low necklines and a buttoned-up shirt dress with her signature Emilia Wickstead large fashion forward collar.
FITNESS FANATIC Emilia gets a buzz out of keeping in shape
Among others, her uncle James Fox, and cousins Jack (Fresh Meat) and Laurence (aka DI Hathaway, in Lewis), are all actors, and it is well documented that, as a child, Emilia remembers handing out sandwiches at one of her parents' parties when Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston both turned up wearing sunglasses.
A pal said: "Marco and Emilia both lead exceptionally busy lives and are often apart for long periods with TV work.
These are difficult moments for people in Emilia Romagna, where the earth continues to tremble beneath their feet.
0 earthquake struck the Emilia Romagna region in northern Italy on Sunday causing damage to many historical structures, homes, warehouses and factories.
At the end of this film, Emilia dies and Julio remains alone," an offscreen narrator announces at the very outset of Chilean writer-director Cristian Jimenez's Ouroboros-like second feature.
In the case of Emilia, this interplay becomes particularly significant, for it reveals how even a flesh-and-blood woman can become trapped within a fictional framework.
I plan to grow step by step until I reach my destination," says Emilia Shimana, main shareholder and manager of Epatululo Trading Enterprises.
But the new series of Silent Witness kicks off with a case which really hits home for forensic pathologist Nikki Alexander, played by Emilia Fox.