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Synonyms for emigre

one forced to emigrate, usually for political reasons

a person coming from another country or into a new community

Synonyms for emigre

someone who leaves one country to settle in another

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There is, however, a huge bone of contention between Brodsky and many emigres with regard to how much such poetry is a consequence of the sociopolitical situation of Khrushchev's Soviet Union.
Once again, Edward Limonov, the powerful and problematic Soviet emigre writer, has offered up a piece of self-proclaimed autobiographical fiction about his life "in freedom.
Ehsan Bayat, an Afghan emigre and AWCC's founder, said, "I believe that a telecommunications system is the cornerstone for economic development in a country that has been ravaged by war.
Il convient de rappeler que le nombre des emigres tunisiens est entre 22 et 25 mille lors des cinq dernieres annees, selon une declaration du secretaire d'Etat aupres du ministere des Affaires Etrangeres charge de l'emigration et des Tunisiens a l'etranger, Radhouan Ayara.
En sus de la mal-vie des emigres, cette piece aborde un epineux probleme: l'impossibilite de quitter le territoire francais et d'y revenir.
According to Shmelev (Hoover Institution), Russian emigres to the United States are among the least studied of the Slavic immigrant groups, partly due to the lack of archival resources in educational and other institutions.
Strongly anticommunist emigres could agree with Cold Warrior Polonians that lobbying the United States government on behalf of Poland's liberation was a worthy common goal.
In the '30s and '40s, the documentary points out, Los Angeles was a cultural mecca for musically minded European emigres seeking to escape Hitler.
Architectural culture would be greatly impoverished without the designs, books and papers of people like Eisenman, Tschumi, and Perez Gomez, or Vidler, Frampton, Alexander and Rowe (all the latter as I recollect emigres to the US because the thin, arid soil of British academic and professional life could not support their talents).
They betray the desperate state of mind of the emigres waiting in the camp for some country to accept them and reveal a total lack of self-worth in both the men and the women, especially the latter.
Exiles in Angeltown" at Steve Turner Gallery stood out because it approached the "International" historically, by presenting paintings, sculptures, architectural models, and books by European emigres who spent time in L.
It is a shame that some reactionary emigres have joined with the forces in the Soviet Union that deny progress and democratization, that there are Russians in the United States who do not hope for improvements.
AWCC's mission is not only to enhance communication within Afghanistan but to put the millions of Afghan emigres, many of whom fled following the 1979 Soviet invasion, back in touch with their friends and family.
Dans son intervention, Khemaies Jhinaoui a fait savoir que la Tunisie est a pied d'oeuvre pour elaborer une strategie nationale visant a promouvoir une migration organisee et a mettre les emigres tunisiens a contribution dans les efforts de developpement economique et social, lit-on mercredi, dans un communique du ministere des AE.
Though it is now relatively easy to emigrate to the United States from Russia, that was not the case when most of these emigres arrived.