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  • noun

Synonyms for emigre

one forced to emigrate, usually for political reasons

a person coming from another country or into a new community

Synonyms for emigre

someone who leaves one country to settle in another

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Critique: Replete with flawlessly reproduced images of the artist's work enhanced with an informed and informative commentary, "Bauhaus on the Swan: Elise Blumann, An Emigre Artist in Western Australia, 1938-1948" is a major work of seminal scholarship by Sally Quinn (Curator of the University of Western Australia Art Collection) and is very highly recommended for personal and academic library 20th Century Art History reference collections in general, and Australian Art History supplemental studies reading lists in particular.
For Anna Nyburg, in her marvellous study of the influence of emigre publishers on British art publishing, The Story of Art 'seems to embody the essence of the refugee publishing experience'.
En sus de la mal-vie des emigres, cette piece aborde un epineux probleme: l'impossibilite de quitter le territoire francais et d'y revenir.
Le car, assurant la liaison entre La Junquera (Gerone) et Algesiras (sud de l'Espagne), transportait a son bord des emigres d'origine maghrebine qui se rendaient au port d'Algesiras pour prendre le bateau a destination du Maroc, rapportent des medias locaux, citant les secours et la police espagnols.
Driven to darkness; Jewish emigre directors and the rise of film noir.
The case against Safadi, a Lebanese Shi'ite emigre with Paraguayan nationality and US residency, and two Florida associates, followed a three-year joint investigation by US anti-terrorism agencies.
Although Los Angeles continued to take pride in classical music institutions and events in addition to much ethnically diverse music in the 1930s, they were largely ignored by the emigres because they lacked the ambition and prestige of European venues and were chiefly associated with women.
German Expressionism's influence on film noir has long been recognized, along with the important contributions of many emigres who carne to Hollywood from Europe.
7) The emigres devoted themselves, as part of the global antifascist community, to active production despite their physical separation from Europe, forming several political and cultural organizations, such as--respectively--the journal Freies Deutschland/ Alemania Libre (1941-46) and the Heinrich Heine Club.
The State Department said it cannot meet an agreed-upon quota of 20,000 visas for Cuban emigres this year because the Castro regime is obstructing its consular work in Havana.
When the Jewish emigres who became the Maghribi traders began arriving, Fatimid terrain consisted of present-day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.
Because so many of its officer corps were educated men, the Harvard Regiment left behind numerous diaries, memoirs, and letters, which form a solid base of source material for this exhaustive examination of many different personalities that comprised the unit, from abolitionists to radical German emigres that had escaped the failed revolution of 1848 to the sons of prominent Republicans and more.
After she leaves home, she is employed by the chaotic Mitwisser family, German emigres living in the no man's land of the Bronx.
It also resurrects examples by almost forgotten emigres like Rudolf Frankel and Fritz Ruhemann, and factories for continental companies like Roche by the Swiss master Rudolf Salvisberg, and Bata by the Czech Vladimir Karfik.