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(Judaism) the honor of being called up to the reading desk in the synagogue to read from the Torah

(Judaism) immigration of Jews to Israel

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The mistake was spotted by Adina Golombek, a Jerusalem resident who emigrated to Israel from Canada last year, while she was reading the book with her seven-year-old son.
Adina Golombek, a Jerusalem resident who emigrated to Israel from Canada last year, said she was shocked to discover Israel's absence while reading the book with her 7-year-old son.
Everyone welcomed the new ambassador of Israel to the US, Ron Prosor, another American who emigrated to Israel.
They emigrated to Israel, mostly from Iraq, early in the 20th century.
Before the vast majority emigrated to Israel in 1948, Al-Hadad says there was a small but significant Jewish population in Ibb.
In fact, many of the contributors to this volume are themselves Latin Americans who have emigrated to Israel, and one of the many topics studied is the community that ohm from that continent make up--or do not quite coalesce into.
The Herald said he was one of at least three dual Australian-Israeli citizens who emigrated to Israel in the past decade whose cases were probed.
June and Harold emigrated to Israel in 1978 and June continued to use these skills on everything from local social committees to secretarial services in the world-famous Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot.
His parents emigrated to Israel but David spent much of his life giving speeches on his experiences and how 20 members of his family perished in Auschwitz.
Jeff Halper, who emigrated to Israel from the USA in the early seventies, went through a similar "rite of passage" to activism when he witnessed in 1998 a demolition of the family house of his Palestinian friend by ( as euphemistically called) Israel's Civil Administration.
The younger Ernest thought about it, changed his name by deed poll back to Aaron Solomons in 1962, emigrated to Israel, brought up a family and served in the Israeli Army
Some members of the community emigrated to Israel via India, while others settled in Canada and the United Kingdom.
Grapel emigrated to Israel in 2005 from New York and served in its military in the 2006 Lebanon war.
The world-renowned artist, who emigrated to Israel from England, handcut every word of Hebrew text, using abstract geometric shapes to represent the Passover story.
Mildiner, a British Jew who emigrated to Israel in 2001, the newspapers here