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Synonyms for emigrant

one who emigrates

Synonyms for emigrant

someone who leaves one country to settle in another

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When this was done, my aunt and Agnes rose, and parted from the emigrants.
Then I understood this was an emigrant ship bound for the American colonies.
The picture of human life in the market-place, though its general tint was the sad gray, brown, or black of the English emigrants, was yet enlivened by some diversity of hue.
Evening slowly steals upon the landscape and changes it before me, when we stop to set some emigrants ashore.
No doubt he must have been abominably sea-sick and abominably unhappy --this soft and passionate adventurer, taken thus out of his knowledge, and feeling bitterly as he lay in his emigrant bunk his utter loneliness; for his was a highly sensitive nature.
An old man playing at see-saw, I took up the first volume once and looked it over, but I soon found it would not do; indeed I guessed what sort of stuff it must be before I saw it: as soon as I heard she had married an emigrant, I was sure I should never be able to get through it.
It can be seen from Table 5 that because of the complementarity between skilled emigrants and unskilled non-migrants, employment of unskilled non-migrants has gone down after the emigration of skilled workers.
Historians will present colorful accounts of local residents, emigrants, the railroad, the Lincoln Highway and the lucrative ice industry that contributed to Truckee's prosperity and heritage.
Tenders are invited for the development and implementation of an enterprise development programme targeted at supporting and developing entrepreneurial activity among returned emigrants.
ISLAMABAD -- The workers moving abroad for employment purposes are facing problems in issuance of protectors due to lack of Protectorate of Emigrants (PE) offices across the country.
Most of those leaving are better qualified than the rest of the population - two of three emigrants have at least one college degree.
NNA - Caretaker Environment Minister, Nazem El-Khoury, underlined that the Lebanese emigrants became a legend in all parts of the world, lauding their remarkable role in the development and reconstruction of their mother country, Lebanon.
The number of Kerala emigrants (EMI) living abroad in 2011 was estimated to be 2.
This, in turn, will facilitate the intending 1 Million annual overseas employment emigrants of Pakistan.
Kashif Noor commented 'It is hoped that this will surely result in minimizing the emigration cost and due to involvement of alternate channels, the emigrants from far flung area shall also get benefit from this facility at their home place.