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trade name for an antiemetic drug that has a mint flavor

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As Emetrol anti-nausea elixir sweeps the nation with its very successful jingle “Keep Stomachs Calm and Carry On with Emetrol
Pharmacist-recommended, Emetrol contains no salicylates, antihistamines, alcohol or caffeine.
6) An over-the-counter medication, Emetrol, sometimes helps, and promethazine (FDA category C) or prochlorperazine (not categorized) can be used for more severe cases, although product information on these latter two drugs state that they should be used only if the potential benefits justify the potential risk to the fetus.
The section was developed by WebMD editorial staff but is being sponsored by WellSpring's Emetrol over-the-counter nausea remedy.
Miller will be responsible for designing and implementing WellSpring's sales and marketing strategy in the United States for its newly acquired over-the-counter product line, which includes Micatin (antifungal), Emetrol (antinausea) and Gelusil (antacid).