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a room in a hospital or clinic staffed and equipped to provide emergency care to persons requiring immediate medical treatment


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When my patients become ill from pesticide spraying, they usually do not head for an emergency room, where they typically experience long waits in an environment containing germicidal residue, scented products, carbonless copy paper, hospital linens with heavy fabric softener, and other exposures.
2 percent occupancy rate, and emergency rooms have closed to ambulances on a regular basis.
At the Northridge Hospital Medical Center emergency room, Dr.
2 million to retain and recruit emergency room physicians and launch pilot projects to add physician assistants and nurse practitioners to emergency rooms;
More Americans than before use emergency rooms as their first stop for health care, instead of making an appointment at a doctor's office, the report said.
The widely publicized death of the college basketball star, plus dramatic footage of young children covered with pox, drive thousands of people to emergency rooms and doctors' offices with requests for vaccination and evaluation of fever and other symptoms.
For emergency room doctors, appendicitis can be a tough call.
NACo said it "contacted county public hospital or regional hospital emergency rooms in 48 states" and got 200 responses from E.
People with flu-like symptoms have flooded the already crowded emergency rooms at Los Angeles County hospitals, forcing some to divert ambulance traffic to neighboring facilities, officials said Wednesday.
The dissent went on to state that some emergency room patients may be required to seek treatment at specific hospital emergency rooms due to contracts with their insurance carriers.
In Texas and Colorado, the freestanding emergency room open 24 hours seven days a week is one of 29 First Choice emergency facilities and it s additional emergency rooms are situated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the greater Houston area and Austin.
NYSE:ADPT) (the "Company"), the largest operator of freestanding emergency rooms in the U.
A January study of Medicaid beneficiaries in Oregon, published in the journal Science, finds that adult beneficiaries of the program rely on emergency rooms about 40 percent more than similar uninsured adults.
In early 1997, a series of patient deaths in emergency rooms was attributed to inadequate nurse staffing, inexplicable delays in transport, lack of doctors on call, and nonexistent quality assurance, as reported in Modern Healthcare.
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