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a breathing device that is placed over the mouth and nose

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It is still not known why the 2ft x 3ft cylinder, one of two 'last resort' emergency oxygen supplies to the vessel, exploded on Wednesday.
NEXT two holidaying anaesthetists from a Merseyside hospital pulled up, carrying emergency oxygen kept in their car.
Pink Sheets: EHSI) disclosed that the Company has favorably completed its review process for the CAMOX emergency oxygen system for front-line military personnel.
Contract award: delivery sinks regenerative pt-1 and emergency oxygen containers pat-1 to the camera oxygen-evacuation ate-1.
Now, safe emergency oxygen available at airports, schools and shopping malls.
After about 30 seconds on emergency oxygen, my symptoms began to subside.
Emergency oxygen systems may not have been useful for passengers since these systems are typically designed to supply supplemental oxygen, in other words, passenger would be breathing a combination of oxygen from the emergency oxygen system and ambient air from the cabin, including any smoke or fumes that are present in the cabin.
05 million fine Inspectors from the Federal Aviation Administration found problems with the assembly of emergency oxygen systems on some of Boeing's 777 jetliners.
She was car r ied on a makeshif t stretcher and had to be given an emergency oxygen supply.
It will hear the emergency oxygen candles, which operate at high temperature once ignited, were stored for months as hazardous waste then put back into service.
Even though we live just 10 minutes from the nearest A&E, I had been told to call an ambulance and not to attempt to drive there myself in case we got stuck in traffic or Tracey required emergency oxygen for her nebuliser.
Anthony Huntrod had only been aboard HMS Tireless for about three weeks when an emergency oxygen cylinder blew up as he was right next to it.
The US military said an emergency oxygen device was responsible for an explosion that killed the two crew members.
The US military said yesterday that an emergency oxygen device was responsible for an explosion that killed two British submarine crew members on a training exercise.
Dakota requires emergency oxygen for when she suddenly becomes ill due to viruses which puts her in hospital until she no longer needs the oxygen.
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