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the branch of medicine concerned with the prompt diagnosis and treatment of injuries or trauma or sudden illness

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The Pre-hospital Emergency Care Act penalizes the illegal use of the Universal Emergency Telephone Number and the unlawful practice of prehospital emergency-medical service.
Suicide prevention coordinator Annette Beautrais, from the Centre of Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention (CRESP), will also be talking on self-care for emergency care providers.
A poll of 176 people waiting for treatment in A&E found that a third said they sought emergency care because they were "worried and didn't know what to do".
The plan outlines a range of initiatives to help public hospitals and the Queensland Ambulance Service deal with this demand and improve the delivery of emergency care across the south east.
You may receive emergency care at a non-VA health care facility at VA expense when said facility has an agreement with the VA.
While the report acknowledged earnest efforts being made to improve emergency care across the entire health and social care sector - including GPs, the social services and acute hospitals, it pointed out there was still room for improvement.
The hospital was hailed as a "vision of the future" when it opened 16 months ago, transforming emergency care across Northumberland and North Tyneside.
In 12 months alone, the trust has recorded almost a 20%t increase in people using urgent and emergency care services, equating to 25,000 more attendances at the hospital.
The new hospital, which will focus on planned care, will have 10 wards and an urgent care centre but crucially, no emergency care centre.
In addition, patients can rely on safe, quality, emergency care close to home thanks to free, convenient parking and an easily accessible front entrance.
At a time of great challenges for the NHS, and an ageing population with increasingly complex health and care needs, effective and good quality, patient-centred primary and emergency care services are absolutely essential for the overall NHS to provide the healthcare that patients need and want.
The National Association of Emergency care workers issued a protest declaration against the assaults on doctors, the violation of the right of way of ambulances and the lack of measures to ensure their safety, Bulgaria's Nova Tv reports.
The American College of Emergency Physicians' latest report card on emergency care gave Massachusetts an overall grade of B-, ranking it the second-highest state in the nation.
Purpose: This book is intended to serve as a reference tool about the appropriate emergency care to a suddenly ill or injured athlete.
The DHA is very keen about the expansion of the emergency care in the emirate.
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