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the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

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The hospital said: "A sterile swab was left inside during her emergency caesarean.
However research carried out in Sheffield found that emergency caesareans were not linked with anxieties about childbirth.
FEAR of childbirth does not increase a woman's likelihood of having an emergency caesarean, according to new research.
The process by which a patient was admitted, booked for an emergency caesarean section, transported to theatre and anaesthetised was extensively reviewed and the 'Code Green' system was introduced for those patients who were assigned to Category 1.
Eight month pregnant Alison Baron had an emergency Caesarean section after being freed by firefighters who spent hours delicately cutting her from the wreckage of her car which had careered into a tree on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne late last month.
Nicoletta Mantovani underwent an emergency Caesarean operation yesterday after hospital doctors in Bologna noticed that one of the twins was no longer receiving any oxygen.
CANOGA PARK - A 65-year-old Canoga Park woman was killed, and a newborn delivered by emergency Caesarean section was in critical condition after one car was struck by another at DeSoto Avenue and Vanowen Street, police said Saturday.
A BABY delivered by emergency caesarean after his mother was hit by a car has lost his battle for life.
Jett, who weighed 5lbs 2oz, was delivered by emergency caesarean while Katie was on a foreign holiday with her third husband.
Eight months pregnant Nerys Price, 35, suffered two skull fractures and needed an emergency Caesarean after being coshed on the head on August 15.
Nerys Price was just weeks from giving birth when she was assaulted in her home in the seaside town of Prestatyn in August and as a result of her injuries needed an emergency Caesarean to deliver her baby.
The actress, 26, gave birth to a son by emergency Caesarean at 1am yesterday, her husband Laurence Fox revealed.
The Geordie-born actress lost four pints of blood and had to undergo an emergency Caesarean to bring 9lb 6oz Gilbert into the world.
If it's an emergency Caesarean or there's a clinical need, then it's appropriate,' said Professor Hunter, 52.
Samima Yasmin died after undergoing an emergency caesarean section at South Tyneside District Hospital two weeks ago, leaving the community shocked.
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