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The same pedal force applied during a landing rollout using normal brakes (with antiskid) will undoubtedly lock the wheels and blow the tires if used with the emergency brakes.
A spokesman said: "The trains have a safety mechanism which applies the emergency brakes under certain conditions.
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator Debbie Hersman said the emergency brake button, known as the "mushroom", because of its shape, was depressed.
An expert witness said there were no safety barriers and two emergency brakes on the walkway were not working.
Train driver John Boucheron said he became aware of a dark shape coming towards him and applied the emergency brakes.
After dropping the hook, with 2,500 feet of remaining runway, I selected the emergency brakes.
The train's operator applied a set of emergency brakes, Watson said, which stopped the lower car about 30 feet from the bottom of the tracks, but did not stop the top car from flying down toward the bottom.
A tram driver told an inquest jury yesterday how he slammed his emergency brakes on in a desperate attempt to prevent a fatal crash with a car which drove on to the tracks in front of him.
I released pressure on the pedals, selected emergency brakes, and got back on the binders.
Press man Michael Wadley has taken advantage of his role - slamming on the emergency brakes, reversing and undertaking tricky U-turns - to practise for his driving test.
462 told officials he slammed on the emergency brakes and sounded his horn in a futile attempt to avoid hitting Mendoza's 6-ton boom truck.
He hauled on the emergency brakes as soon as he spotted the truck on the line, slowing the train down enough to dramatic-ally reduce the force of impact.
Metrolink spokesman Peter Hidalgo said the engineer hit his horn and emergency brakes after spotting the stalled truck, but the train could not stop in time.
The stationmaster finally hit the emergency brakes, bringing the engine to a halt more than a mile from the overpass.
The impact uncoupled two wagons, triggering emergency brakes on the train carrying 4,000 tonnes of stone.
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