Emergency Alert System

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a federal warning system that is activated by FEMA


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Guam's emergency alert system, which sets off sirens across the island and interrupts regular television and radio broadcasts to deliver information, was tested at 10:00 am (0000 GMT) Thursday.
Hackers were able to break into the Emergency Alert System by exploiting the fact that the default passwords on the stauons" alert equipment had never been changed.
There are quite a few similar apps available for smartphone users that can be used as an emergency alert system.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran inaugurated a new environmental radiation surveillance station as part of its broader plans for expanding the country's nuclear emergency alert systems.
MyHalo Complete Monitoring is an emergency alert system with monitoring service designed so that the user does not have to press a button.
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CHARLTON - Selectmen last night approved an agreement with the Worcester County Sheriff's Office that will provide the telephone emergency alert system, Reverse 911, to residents at no cost to the town.
The Personal Annunciation Device (PAD), a self-arming wireless emergency alert system, is one such RFID evolution that incorporates a number of innovations in a single package, intended to replace conventional emergency paging devices.
most citizens equate the national emergency alert system with an annoying green screen accompanied by a high-pitched screech that inevitably interrupts a favorite TV program.
An emergency alert system on streetlights introduced in car parks in Merthyr Tydfil is a first in Wales.
An updated version of the Emergency Alert System will be put into place by the end of next year.
She called city officials to complain that they were using an emergency alert system for a nonessential announcement, she said, and was told they had nothing to do with it.
Walsall Council is the first British local authority to install an emergency alert system in three locations.
WALSALL has become the first council in Britain to install a revolutionary and potentially life-saving emergency alert system on lamp-posts.
The Office of Emergency Services is expected to immediately notify affected counties and issue a public Emergency Alert System message.
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