Emergency Alert System

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a federal warning system that is activated by FEMA


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The Mobile Emergency Alert System is ideal for next-generation alerting because it bypasses bandwidth bottlenecks that overload current systems and has the ability to reach millions of devices - and people - simultaneously.
The Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS) enhancements to the A/153 standard will provide capabilities for delivering multimedia alerts (utilizing video, audio, text, and graphics) to mobile DTV-equipped cellphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks and in-car navigation systems.
Its primary product lines include: Broadband Instrumentation for testing and quality management in broadband networks; RF & Microwave components and filters for cellular, wireless and military communications applications; and Emergency Alert Systems for government-mandated use in cable, IPTV and broadcast markets in the U.
The message will be the same as typical EAS test messages, with the word national added to the message: This is a national test of the Emergency Alert System.
Additional IG informed the meeting that Karachi police is introducing an Emergency Alert System (EAS) for security of Chinese and foreign workers at various on-going projects in the metropolis.
The official said the mobile emergency alert system had been installed on android phones in each educational institution, which sends a distress signal to police along with location of the school or college by a simple push of a button.
Lately I have become obsessed with the weather, and I start to panic for no reason when I see or hear the Emergency Alert System messages on TV.
Radio listeners and TV watchers in Michigan, Montana, New Mexico and California got an interesting variety of disturbing warnings from the national Emergency Alert System, but apparently they didn't generate a panic; in fact, they didn't seem to generate much interest at all.
A state-of-the-art emergency alert system that can reliably reach the entire student body is a must for modern-day universities.
Korea : Guam has raised its official threat level and on Thursday tested its emergency alert system after warnings from North Korea identifying the island as a potential missile target.
On television, teenage cheaters were being exposed on The Steve Wilkos Show when the broadcast was interrupted by the telltale warning signal of the Emergency Alert System.
The Montana Television Network has confirmed that hackers broke into the Emergency Alert System of KRTV on Monday.
The Montana Television Network says hackers broke into the Emergency Alert System of Great Falls affiliate KRTV and its CW station Monday.
Established by the WARN Act in 2006, CMAS is a voluntary national emergency alert system designed to deliver critical messages to the public, including presidential emergency messages, AMBER alerts and imminent threats to life and property.
While local and state components of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) are tested on a weekly and monthly basis, respectively, this will mark the first time that the federal government conducts a nationwide, "top-to-bottom" test.
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