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Synonyms for floss

a soft loosely twisted thread used in embroidery

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a soft thread for cleaning the spaces between the teeth


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use dental floss to clean

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Use the coordinating embroidery floss to tightly tie the pompom around its center, and then remove it from the pompom maker.
Add felt, buttons, embroidery floss, glitter or other ideas.
Embroidered stocking YOU WILL NEED: Felt or boiled wool Scissors Dressmaker's carbon paper and pencil Red embroidery floss (thread) Cream embroidery floss (thread) Embroidery needle Needle and matching sewing thread Sewing machine Ribbon Step 1: Draw a stocking template and cut out the front and back pieces from the felt.
Embroidered stocking You will need: Felt or boiled wool Scissors Dressmakers carbon paper and pencil red embroidery floss (thread) Cream embroidery floss STEP 1: Draw a stocking template and use to cut out the front and back pieces from the felt.
Kids simply wind yards of premium ribbon, satin cord, embroidery floss, and beautiful trims around four chunky plastic bracelets and eight thin metallic ones.
As they paint, they will learn interesting facts about each breed's individual characteristics, plus they end up with a sturdy stand-up paper horse figure with a mane and tail completed from embroidery floss or yarn.
Behind the top notch, attach the start of some embroidery floss to the card with a small piece of double-sided tape.
Materials: An old sweater, sewing scissors, a needle, thread, felt (for eyes, buttons can also be used), embroidery floss, and wool batting for stuffing (preferably organic wool)
With embroidery floss, sew knots in the center of each square.
QUILT MATERIALS 15 T-shirts 15 12 1/2-by-12 1/2-inch squares of medium-weight fusible interfacing 4 1/4 yards pre-washed, 100-percent cotton fabric for borders and backing 48-by-72-inch batting or an old flannel sheet One spool of matching thread and two skeins embroidery floss or tying floss CONSTRUCT THE QUILT TOP * Cut a 12 1/2-by-12 1/2-inch square around the image from each T-shirt.
Use shiny embroidery floss of a contrasting color so it will show against the fabric.
Using embroidery floss, the children sewed their poems in place and added stitches to embellish their creatures.
Make miniature kites using toothpicks and embroidery floss.
Slip & Stitch is a uniquely designed embroidery floss tool that is made of a durable, yet flexible, plastic, designed to save time and make the art of cross stitching more fun.