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The Warlock uses dark arts, including binding demons to protect both Earth and Embra from the destructive forces of the Shadowlord and the Shadow Legions.
Jorge Oliveira, Estrada de Leiria, 212 - Apartado 199, Embra
Despite its share of post-September 11 struggles common to the airline industry, by most measures Embra continues to thrive.
Brazilian film production declined when EMBRA - the government body that subsidized filmmaking - was dissolved.
E[acute accent]As part of the 2005 program, drilling will also be conducted at the Debarwa high-grade VMS Deposit, Debarwa East and the Embra Derho VMS gossan.
JIM GAV A i ca l , m focuse organise He's n sive-m Gilroy embra and I e hold few y I lo He's not as defensive-minded as Pat Gilroy but he has embraced this job and I expect him to hold on to it for a few years yet.
Swansea Jack landed a gamble in the 6f handicap when the Stuart Williams-trained threeyear-old, sent off the 11-4 favourite having been 11-1 in the morning, got up to deny Ayam Zainah, while Embra took the last for Tim Etherington under one-time jump jockey Robert Lucey Butler.
It follows news that Birkenhead Market owner Larry Embra plans to redevelop land off Europa Boulevard with a pounds 25m scheme to build a hotel, casino and office space near Conway Park Station.
AS A KEELIE with more than half-acentury of observing the difference, I've always known the gap between the Dear Green Place and Embra was wider than the geographical 44 miles.
As part of the current 10,000 metre drilling program, 2,000 metres are budgeted for drilling Embra Derho.
HER acting debut was event TV, but Her Maj The Queen and Chookie Embra would probably rather have watched it on the telly themselves.
It is being backed by the owner of Birkenhead Market, Larry Embra, who hopes the scheme will also give the market a boost by attracting new customers.
Perhaps Derek Riordan should give thanks that things have changed in Embra since that long-ago era.
Fictional folk, like gap-toothed drunk Englebert Humfyirdrink and busty barmaid Mona Lang, mixed with real-life notables such as the Queen and the Chooky Embra (Prince Philip).