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The family Embiotocidae contains species that are viviparous gonochores and several studies have examined reproductive behavior of members of this family (e.
Overall, the five most abundant families of prey were Clupeidae, Cottidae, Embiotocidae, Gadidae, and Pleuronectidae.
bass COTTIDAE Leptocottus armatus Staghorn sculpin EMBIOTOCIDAE Cymatogaster aggregatta Shiner surfperch ENGRAULIDAE Anchoa compressa Deepbody anchovy Anchoa delicatissima Northern anchovy FUNDULIDAE Fundulus parvipinnis California killifish GIRELLIDAE Girella nigricans Opaleye GOBIIDAE Acanthogobius flavimanus Yellowfin goby (*) Clevelandia ios Arrow goby Clenogobius sagittula Longtail goby (*) Gillichthys mirabilis Longjaw mudsucker Ilypnus gilberti Cheekspot goby Lepidogobius lepidus Bay goby Quietula y-cauda Shadow goby MUGILIDAE Mugil spp.