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No Cerrado brasileiro, a família Emberizidae concentra elevado número de espécies na região central do Brasil.
EMBERIZIDAE - Real: Poospiza melanoleuca, Saltatricula multicolor, Coryphospingus cucullatus, Null: Zonatrichia capensis, Lophospingus pusillus.
In diverse predominantly temperate passerine families such as Sylviidae, Parulidae or Emberizidae, more extensive preformative molts are common among species living in harsh environments characterized by dense vegetation or increased daily exposure to ultraviolet light.
Further, in the closely related families Emberizidae, Estrilididae, and Thraupidae, 31%, 40%, and 37% of species, respectively, are known to hybridize in the wild (McCarthy 2006).
The endemic Puerto Rican Bullfinch (Loxigilla portoricensis), a frugivorous species of the family Emberizidae, is common in forests and brushy areas throughout most of Puerto Rico (Raffaele 1989, Garcia et al.
1992, Ridgely and Tudor 1989, Sick 1997), with unclear phylogenetic relationships within the Emberizidae and Thraupidae (Sibley and Monroe 1990, Remsen et al.
For the sparrow family Emberizidae, only Arcese (1989) reported that fledglings of non-migratory Song Sparrows (Melospiza melodia) on Mandarte Island establish winter residencies (home ranges) a couple of territories away from their birth-place shortly after their post-juvenal molt.