Ember Day

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a day set aside for fasting and prayer

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Nevada (US), Aug 27 (ANI): Hindus have applauded Catholic Church in Australia for recommendation of abstaining from meat on Ember Days, which are observed on first Fridays of autumn and spring.
Tempura was introduced to Japan by Portuguese missionaries trying to convert people to Catholicism, they named it tempura referring to Ember days meaning the days when Catholics avoided meat and ate only fish or vegetables.
Friday and Saturday following September 14 were observed as one of the four sets of Ember days (Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches), Name day: Stavri (Bulgaria)
The term tempura is derived from the Portuguese word "tempera," which means "period of time," referring to the quarterly Catholic Ember Days when priests adhered to their religious doctrines that forbade them to consume meat.
Contributors argue the case in terms of relations in ancient Mediterranean cities, semantic differences, pitfalls in scholarship, and lack of sufficient study of such topics as early subcultures in the second and third centuries, what The Martyrdom of Polycarp says about entangled or parted ways, Christian succession, the Judaic nature of Origen and Jerome, ember days and Yom Kippur, exegetical traditions of the celibacy of Moses, Jewish redemptive history, whether Jewish Christians saw the rise of Islam and such issues as approaches of traditional historiography and category error.
Daniel Stokl Ben Ezra on the connection between the Ember Days of September and Yom Kippur in fifth-century Rome, Amran Tropper on the Mishnah tractate Avot and early Christian succession lists, Alison Salvesen on what she sees as the "Judaizing" of Scripture by the Hebrew interests of Origen and Jerome, and Ra'anan Abusch on the "miraculous conception" of Rabbi Ismael, all reveal influence in either direction or both, as well as competition.