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Synonyms for morphine

an alkaloid narcotic drug extracted from opium

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Crushing, chewing, or dissolving EMBEDA will also result in the release of naltrexone which may precipitate withdrawal in opioid-tolerant individuals.
The PI for EMBEDA includes the following boxed warning:
Unlike OxyContin, Opana ER, Embeda and Exalgo, Levorphanol's norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake inhibition is comparable to tapentadol (Nucynta) and tramadol (Ultram ER).
It will compete in the same opioid market segment as OxyContin, Opana ER, Embeda and Exalgo (2009 U.
The third study, ALO-01-09-111, was a double-blind cross-over study in opioid-dependent patients with moderate-to-severe non-cancer chronic pain stabilized on EMBEDA therapy.
This release contains forward-looking information that involves substantial risks and uncertainties regarding the reintroduction of EMBEDA in the U.
In the pharmaceutical area, the report examines how the drug Embeda holds out some hope for cutting down on the recreational and resale use of workers' compensation drugs since it loses all potency once it is ground up.
Should Remoxy or Embeda fail to gain approval, be held up in litigation, or fail to gain significant market traction, the growth prospects for King would be challenging and our valuation might be revised downward," said Corey Davis, an analyst at Natixis Bleichroeder in New York.
Pfizer) announced that the FDA has approved a Prior Approval Supplement for EMBEDA (morphine sulfate and naltrexone hydrochloride) Extended Release Capsules CII.
Embeda was launched in the third quarter of 2009; revenues declined 9% from the year-ago period.
10: Tamper Proofing with the Embeda Formulation 34 Figure 2.
Since the launch of the first abuse-resistant product, Embeda, in 2009, a whole range of novel products and reformulations of existing product ranges have been brought to the market.
Embeda was first approved on August 13, 2009, but was voluntarily withdrawn from the market in March 2011, due to testing that found stability concerns in the manufacturing process.
While the Prescription Pain Drug market is relatively small and very mature, there are many new products coming online that have significant sales potential including Pfizer's Remoxy, Oxycodone NT and Embeda drugs, AcelRx's Zlaviso, Eagalet Corp's Oxayado, Endo/BDSI's Buprenorphine, GW Pharmaceuticals' Sativex, Insys' Subsys and dronabinol OS, Marinus' ganaxolone, as well as Bedrocan's and Tweed's medical marijuana offerings, among others.
s Embeda can have labeling indicating that it has properties expected to reduce abuse of the drug when it is crushed and taken orally or snorted.