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Synonyms for feminism

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And it also reveals to the visitor that Marilyn Monroe, by her behavior in different ways, exerted a formative influence on the emancipation of women, making her one of the most important cultural and historical figures of the 20th century.
Zardari cited far reaching legislation, enacted by former coalition government of PPP and its allies for establishing completely independent, autonomous National Commission on Status of Women and also reiterated the commitment of PPP to the emancipation of women, protection from all kinds of exploitation and discrimination.
Qaboos encourages family planning and the emancipation of women.
The buoyancy in her voice and a firm belief that her righteous step toward the emancipation of women shall not wither and waste away, Fiza continues with her resolve to continue working for the women of Kargil.
In fact, rights have been deliberately denied by various forces opposed to full emancipation of women.
The next two chapters switch to Wallace's politics, discussing his encounter with the socialist ideas of Robert Owen, his religious skepticism, his moral and political encounters with indigenous peoples in the tropics, his presidency of the Land Nationalisation Society, his advocacy for the social and economic emancipation of women, and the influence on his thought of Henry George's Progress and Poverty and Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward.
Ataturk implemented a series of secular reforms including the emancipation of women and the abolition of all Islamic institutions.
However, in the age of the emancipation of women, life coach Joanne Mallon (medialifecoach.
What is it that is holding us back when it comes to the emancipation of women in our societies; is it social, is it cultural or is it religious?
To a question, he said the objective of this dam to irrigate agriculture development and flood control and fisheries development and uplift socio economic conditions inspiring emancipation of women and poor community of the area.
The collection also demonstrates that, though nowadays we tend to think of make-up as a comparatively modern phenomenon, developed in tandem with the early 20th-century emancipation of women, this is very far from the truth.
The opera itself dates back to 1924 but, with its underlying messages about sexual freedom and the emancipation of women, its humour and irony is still as relevant as ever.
The abolition of slavery and the emancipation of women have been prominent and events such as child evacuation in the Second World War are stressed.
In many of these sources, a sub-text shudders at the possibility of the emancipation of women, which seemed rather frighteningly to be moving forward along with modernism.
From stories about life as an Emirati with mixed parentage to a drama based on a real-life crime and the emancipation of women, directors at this year's Muhr Emirati category at Dubai International Film Festival are taking on sensitive social issues.