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Synonyms for emanation

Synonyms for emanation

something that is emitted or radiated (as a gas or an odor or a light, etc

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the act of emitting

(theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost

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Her Mrs De Winter the sequel to Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier's classic tale of the second wife being haunted by the ghost of the first, was a tour de force of misty emanations and shivers down the spine as the ageing De Winters gathered for funerals in mis ty autumnal England.
Using radiotelescopes at Crawford Hill, Bally surveyed the area for radio emanations at 115 gigahertz frequency, looking for emissions of carbon monoxide.
Trois autres personnes proches du defunt, a savoir une vieille femme, une dame et son bebe, qui se trouvaient au domicile familial au moment de l'incident, ont ete victimes d'une crise de suffocation due aux emanations de monoxyde de carbone.
But McGill chafes at the idea that time is a line at all, and, refusing to toe that line, he scribbles Munchlike emanations that seem to erupt off the page.
One atmosphere, the outside light, encounters another atmosphere, Martin's weightless emanations of color.
In Boys with Basketball (version I) #I, 2001, the basketball catches fire, while the brilliantly colored halo patterns surrounding the main figure in Harriet Tubman (version 2) #I, 2001, may be glorious emanations of some kind of physical or spiritual energy--and yet they seem to consume the bearer of that energy.
Her familiars are cats, horses, bears, birds--never humans--and all seem to be emanations of herself rather than independent beings.
The "points" are the analytic fictions by which we try to describe a type of mobility where the trajectory is nothing more than repeated emanations of the point of departure.
And whether these characters are seen as projecting the simulacral condition of the "masquerade" or ass emanations of profoundly shared fantasy, both camps find them instantly intelligible, and contrue the act of criticism as one of "reading" them novelistically.
There is clearly no set formula for this act of (re)creation: each site--and sight--generates a particular form of intervention, from the most discreet emanations of light that seem to originate in the very rocks or trees that they envelop, to the most deliberate calligraphic gestures, alternately highlighting and counterpointing sculptures, columns, and other man-made elements.
En plus des risques d'asphyxie dus aux emanations de gaz, de nombreux citoyens passent la plupart de leur temps libre a la maison pour se tenir a chaud.
Since 1973, when a few liberal lawyers on the Supreme Court discovered a 'right' to abortion in the penumbras and emanations of the U.
For decades, spy agencies and researchers have sought arcane ways of extracting information from keyboards and the like, successfully capturing light, heat and other emanations that allow the receivers to reconstruct content.
They differ, however, on how to interpret the emanations whereby Father generates the Son and the Spirit proceeds from both.
This hefty volume is the fourth in the Emanations series, which seems to be groping toward a renewed, internationalized avant-garde.