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Synonyms for emanation

Synonyms for emanation

something that is emitted or radiated (as a gas or an odor or a light, etc

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the act of emitting

(theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost

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The blending of philosophy and mysticism in dealing with the tensions between emanationism and essentials of Qur'anic Islam reaches a higher level of sophistication with Ibn al-Arabi: "Everyone who perceives must have some relationship to the light, by which he is made able to perceive, and everything which is perceived has a relationship with God (al-Haqq) Who is Light.
What makes Netton's topic so important for Islamic studies (and ultimately for understanding the events in the Arab World today) is the role emanationism - and its cosmological association to the Great Chain of Being - played in undermining the political egalitarianism implicit in the concept of God as the imminent Lord directly sustaining every element of His creation.
by the Qadi Abd al-Jabbar), whose cosmology and sacred history were influenced by neo-Platonic emanationism with its "circular conception of time divided into eras (adwar), a correspondence between the macrocosm such that all events are both actual and symbolic" (p.
Even the idea of emanation did not pose in itself the key problematic; rather, it was the way that emanationism implied the necessity of the universe that seemed to undermine the very idea of divine revelation.
A good question for proponents of emanationism in Plotinus to ask themselves at this point is how this passage and similar ones express a noncreationist metaphysics.