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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

communicate electronically on the computer

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StrongMail Systems, the innovation leader in email infrastructure, today announced the availability of StrongMail Email Marketing Edition, the first complete, fully integrated turn-key solution for email marketing.
Marketers can be expected to leverage emails to facilitate and enhance one-to-one relationships.
0 Email Application Server Developed on Service-Oriented Architecture Delivers Industry's Only Live Updates and Self-Diagnostic Tools for Delivery Assurance
The current practice for protecting email's utility as an efficient form of communication is to ostracize abusive sources when much of their email is sent to recipients that never expressed a desire for its receipt.
Regarding unsolicited emails, a patient-physician relationship with all its legal and liability implications is established if a physician replies to an unsolicited email.
The challenge with political email is that it cannot be categorically described as "spam" since many of the recipients have opted in to receive such emails based on any number of legitimate factors, i.
But not only do personal emails strain storage resources, ignoring emails with sexual or hate-filled content is an invitation to serious lawsuits.
The sharing of sensitive information through email has become a necessity in today's healthcare industry, however some organizations do not recognize the need and importance of securing those emails until it's too late," said Willy Leichter, Director, Product Marketing - Email Security at Tumbleweed.
But today's MIS and records management professionals are facing a new challenge: electronic communications, specifically email systems, now account for the majority of the business-critical records being created, captured, and stored in the corporate environment.
Email marketers who want to improve their email marketing results in 2006 must increase relevance through greater use of personalization and segmentation, resolve deliverability issues and redesign emails for the inbox and preview pane.
Over 80% of end users cannot retrieve archived emails without the help of an IT administrator.
False-positive percentage -- Calculated as the ratio of incorrectly blocked legitimate messages to the total number of legitimate emails sent.
N worm during the first week of its outbreak, with one in seven emails that passed through the MX Logic Threat Center infected with the worm.