computer virus

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a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer


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GFI, has discovered a hazardous new email virus that it named the Romeo & Juliet virus.
As this decade of destructive email viruses, email virus hoaxes, and major network security breaches winds down, it's perhaps fitting to consider the state of security in our industry as we begin the true new millennium in January.
Preventing email virus attacks is only one aspect of network security, says Molina.
Calyptix Security has successfully protected its customers from a new email virus widely known as the Storm Trojan, without reliance on static signatures.
Colchester, England -- Colchester, England, February 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite investing many hundreds of thousands of pounds in anti-virus technology and technical resources it is reported that a major UK broadcasting corporation sent the subscribers of one of its most popular radio shows an email virus last week, http://www.
Gloucester-based MessageLabs was the first company in the world to identify and stop the notorious 'Love Bug', the email virus that caused chaos in computer systems globally just under a year ago.
One of the lessons to be learned from the recent email virus outbreaks is that software developers--in particular those with enormous market penetration--need to make their products more secure before releasing them to the public.