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The EM wave must travel to a point in space f', and then the distance travelled dl', at speed c, is determined by the vector sum dl' = dl + vdt, with dl the distance between scattering points e and f, defined in the rest frame of the matter, and vdt is the displacement of f
Thickness of structure was very important while dealing with the EM waves.
The 3-space is detectable because the speed of EM waves, in vacuum is c [approximately equal to] 300,000km/s with respect to that space itself, whereas an observer, in general, will observe anisotropy when the observer is in motion with respect to the space.
In the Journal of Applied Physics, Huanyang Chen at Soochow University and colleagues have presented a design of an artificial EM black hole designed using five types of composite isotropic materials, layered so that their transverse magnetic modes capture EM waves to which the object is subjected.
I notice earlier this week that UK stations like BBC Radio 1 were clearly available on my car stereo and I am told that this is because "on a clear sunny day/evening the radiowaves make it to the upper atmosphere and get carried by the EM waves that little bit further"(Enda Rochford thanks for the info
They used a sensitive magnetometer (a scientific instrument used to measure the strength and/or direction of a magnetic field) to confirm that a powder of the new oxide can absorb EM waves of up to 182GHz at room temperature.
With the help of a sensitive magnetometer, the team led by Shin-ichi found that the new oxide could absorb EM waves of up to 182 GHz at room temperature.