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a quad with a square body

a linear unit (1/6 inch) used in printing

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Amongst the circa $18 BN of maturities this year in the GCC space, UAE accounts for circa $11 BN, followed by Qatar $5 BN, caveat for the significant regional spread tightness when compared to counterparts in the EM space.
With one of the largest current-account deficits in the EM space - and a history of large portfolio inflows (bonds, in particular) - ZAR may weaken further should concerns about the provision of global liquidity intensify and investors further scale down their positions in EM assets.
Current economic setup forced investors to concentrate on developed market equities, cutting position in EM space.
This expansion is a reflection of our commitment to the EM space, and we hope the donations generated from our clients' trading activity will meet or exceed previous years.
An em space (or em dash) is wider than an en space (or en dash) because m takes up more room than n.
Users can visually control the flow of text in their designs by choosing from em dash, em space, en dash, en space, 1/4 em space, optional hyphen, non-breaking hyphen, nonbreaking space, and column/frame break.