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a city in northeastern Egypt at the head of the Gulf of Suez and at the southern end of the Suez Canal

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It was in 2001 as a sales director for the now renamed Dalkia Utilities Services that he was approached by French competitor Elyo to be its managing director in the UK, with one of his first assignments being the small matter of heading a bid to buy the energy efficiency arm of BP.
of Forli, Italy was the EPC, and the unit was installed on behalf of the French energy services company Elyo Italia, a subsidiary of SUEZ Group.
The obvious example is Elyo in partnership with Electrabel and, possibly, Gasunie.
He then joined Lyonnaise des Eaux, where he held a number of positions within the Finance Department and at subsidiary Elyo.
Construction and operation of a heating and cooling system by Elyo Iberica (in consortium) for the International Exposition "Expo Agua Zaragoza 2008" (35 years, EUR 300 million).
This follows a break in the partnership with Elyo (the energy branch of Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux) and Hydro-Quebec, which was contracted for 25 years but lasted only 18 months.
One of the three dry low emission (DLE) units will be used by Elyo, a large utilities infrastructure provider and part of the Group Lyonnaise de Eux, for a heating project in the St.
In their customer portfolio appears firms like Telefonica (Spain), Group Elyo (France), Caja Madrid (Spanish bank), some Spanish regional governments, and mainly small-to-midsize Spanish companies.
Elyo, an energy subsidiary of the Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux Group, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Trigen Energy Corporation through a merger.
Prior to commencement of the offer, ELYO beneficially owned, or had a contractual right to purchase, 5,823,886 shares (excluding shares held by ELYO's non-wholly owned subsidiary, Compagnie Parisenne de Chauffage Urbain, which were tendered in the offer).
ELYO, energy subsidiary of the Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux Group, today announced that it has withdrawn its previously announced proposal to acquire all the outstanding shares of its majority owned subsidiary, Trigen Energy Corporation (NYSE: TGN) for US $22 per share in cash.