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elatior Artemisia princeps Bromus catharticus Calystegia soldanella 1 12 Carex kobomugi + 11 Elymus mollis Imperata cylindrica Ixeris repens 10 Lathyrus japonicus ssp.
subverticillata, Elymus spp, Koeleria macrantha, and Glyceria striata was established at the University of Missouri.
There is a visible difference between the intermediate species on the dune ridge inside the arms of a parabolic dune (Calamovilfa longifolia, Panicum virgatum, Schizachyrium scoparius, Elymus Canadensis) and the deciduous forest vegetation on the dune ridge between parabolic dunes (Quercus rubra, Hamamelis virginiana, Fagus grandifolia, Carex spp.
The grasses Tripsacum dactyloides and Elymus virginicus were unsuccessful for establishment.
A perennial, squirreltail is known to botanists as Elymus elymoides.
We collected all infected mice among the foundations of a former saw mill (that operated 19401950) in a field dominated by sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata tridentata) with clumps of Wood's rose (Rosa woodsii) and the grasses wildrye (Elymus canadensis and Elymus longifolius) June grass (Koeleria macrantha) and sleepy grass (Achnatherum robustum).
Mohr (1901) listed Elymus [glabriflorus, virginicus], Bromus [pubescens] and Chasmanthium [latifolium, sessilifolium] for "sheltered borders" [using suggested modern names instead of his usage].
Use and selection of 3 habitat classes were prominent for elk: Deciduous and Elymus burns, and Subalpine.
Common vegetation included warm--and cool-season grasses such as Bouteloua and Elymus spp.
curtipendula (mean cover, 35%), Elymus hystrix (12%), and Schizachyrium
As a result of the Elymus athericus (Poaceae) invasion in the last ten years, a major change in vegetation cover has occurred in salt marshes of the Mont Saint-Michel bay (France).
Breeding apomixis into wheat is under way at Utah State University and the ARS Forage and Range Research Unit in Logan, Utah, where university and ARS scientists are working with an apomictic relative of wheat called Australian wheatgrass, Elymus rectisetus, a wild grass native to that country.