Elvis Presley

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United States rock singer whose many hit records and flamboyant style greatly influenced American popular music (1935-1977)

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The partnership is offering The Elvis Presley Holy Land Tour, for Elvis Presley fans who want to travel to Israel, between May 12 and 21, 2013.
We will try to make our show grander in future," said Donboklang Dohling, fan and mimicry artist of Elvis Presley.
At first it seemed to me quite a stretch, even for a fiction, that Elvis Presley would take the time for a platonic correspondence with a 14-year-old girl, but Thomas makes this quite plausible.
Obviously, this collection of poems is organized around the impact and influence of Elvis Presley.
An author who claimed Elvis Presley was actually Scottish, has set tongues wagging in a rural village where his ancestors were said to have originated.
To mark the 25th anniversary of the King's death, a set of legal tender Elvis Presley coins have been issued in the US.
The Elvis Presley trust hired Jack Soden to plan and execute the opening of Graceland to the public and oversee the total operation.
Marcus also discusses Elvis Presley in his new book, Double Trouble.
Just ten days before the company was due to tour Edinburgh and London, Elvis Presley Enterprises, which owns rights to much of Presley's catalogue, announced that Schaufuss could not use the songs he had chosen for his original ballet, nor could the persona of Elvis be depicted on stage without permission from the estate.
26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Elvis Presley's Graceland and Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino announced today that they will bring the authentic Elvis Presley back to Las Vegas for the first time in 40 years.
uk is Europe's busiest Elvis fan site, achieving over 1 million hits per month and providing Elvis news, features, special events and an online shop with official Elvis Presley merchandise, and collectors items for fans such as the highly acclaimed Follow That Dream Collectors label.
Moorpark High School music teacher Raymond Michael Heber will perform his 17th annual tribute to Elvis Presley on Jan.
On This Day: 1957: Elvis Presley bought Graceland The king of rock'n'roll bought the estate in Memphis, Tennessee, for $102,500.
In 1995 with an initial endowment of $25,000, the Elvis Presley Endowed Scholarship Fund was created by Elvis Presley Enterprises ( and at the recommendation of Priscilla Presley) to assist students in the College of Communication and Fine Arts at The University of Memphis.
SHOPKEEPER Sid Shaw triumphed against a mighty American corporation yesterday in a battle over Elvis Presley.