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St Elvis is a small parish in |Pembrokeshire named after the Irish bishop St Ailbe, also known as Elvis of Munster, who died in 528.
Then throughout the weekend impersonators will be battling it out for the top honour of European Elvis Champion with the winner crowned on Sunday.
Sam Thompson said: "The thing I cherish the most are the quiet times, the times that we would sit upstairs and talk all night long - the times when he really wasn't Elvis Presley the icon, or the rock and roll singer, he was just Elvis Presley.
Elvis Rocks also managed an appearance on BBC1's World's Greatest Elvis Show.
The leading roles are played by Steve Halliday, who has appeared on stage and screen as the legend, and Michael King, from Rhos on Sea, who starred as Elvis in the UK theatre show The Power Of Presley.
Paul Larcombe - UK winner for Graceland's search for the Ultimate Elvis and top ten world finalist in Memphis.
An interesting read for any fan of Elvis and a book that should make you think about your own spiritual quest as well; and as such a book I'd recommend to any mature lover of Elvis' work.
In 1975, Elvis broke the then record for attendance for a single performance with his New Year's Eve concert at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan.
The year" is 1955, and rock music--along with a young singer named Elvis Presley--is roaring out from the land of cotton.
Obviously, this collection of poems is organized around the impact and influence of Elvis Presley.
Baxter delivering a five-point sermon based on the letters in Elvis name.
A few months later, when Elvis stopped in again to record "That's All Right, Mama," Sara did take notice.