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the twelfth month of the civil year

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Ronel Elul & Piero Gottardi, Bankruptcy: Is it Enough to Forgive or Must We Also Forget?
To plan for that long-range planning retreat, a survey went out to the leadership of the section to help determine the ELULS priorities over the next five years.
Dated 16 Elul, 5236 (5 September 1476), it is the oldest surviving Sephardic imprint.
A strong message has been sent to Europe in order for them to contribute to enhance the facilities," Elul said in an interview in Kampala.
Rabbi Chaim Druckman spoke at a study day on the month of Elul and the Jewish concept of repentance at the Or Etzion Yeshiva.
Ellertson C, Elul B, Ambardekar S, Wood L, Carroll J, Coyaji K.
A parable of the Hebrew month of Elul (just before the start of the Jewish New Year), "The King In The Field" will help boys and girls to understand that this is one of the best times to approach G-d with prayers and requests.
Cool outdoors experiences aren't the only good part of ELUL section membership.
il); or Elul Beit-Midrash--the first institution established in the secular arena in 1989 by secular and religious persons together (http://www.
Women there considered Rachel's tomb the place to pray for a child; men came to beg Rachel to comfort a woman enduring birth pains; both sexes there prayed for better days, creating a custom to visit Rachel's tomb during Elul, the month just before Rosh Hashanah to pray for a sweet new year, and on the Hebrew date 14 Heshvan (which falls in the autumn (5)), according to tradition the day of Rachel's death.
lt; The first day of Elul, a monthlong period of self-reflection before Rosh Hashanah-Jewish New Year, begins at sundown Friday.
2) See, for example, Brinig and Buckley (1996) and Elul and Subramanian (2002).
Also using the PSID, Elul and Subramanian (2002) use a quadratic in total household income and find that the coefficient on income is positive while the coefficient on income squared is negative, though neither is statistically significant.
serves as head of Elul, an important Jewish studies center in Jerusalem.
The historicity of this statement, and the companion statement that Elul also was always twenty-nine days long, cannot be established, but these statements may very well reflect a justification of rabbinic tinkering with the calendar in order to make sure holidays come on the desired days of the week (or more precisely, to make sure they do not come on undesired days).