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When it is examined in isolation, researcher development's componential structure has limited elucidatory capacity.
While storytelling about "nature" and "animals" is often undertaken for pragmatic, elucidatory, and by Wright's account, noble reasons, Donna Haraway reminds us that the natural world helps humans tell stories about ourselves and the desire to watch animals and to make sense of our behavior through theirs--or theirs through ours--is never an innocent practice:
But by deciding to construct their scholarly enterprise solely upon a corpus of highly filtered classical or patristic texts, new intellectual historians may also expose themselves to a charge of arbitrariness on the same order if not of the same kind that Geertzians and microhistorians are justly accused of demonstrating in their selection of elucidatory contexts.
First, I argue that any contribution to comparative legal studies that, on account of its counterintuitivity or anti-mimetism, helps to rescue the possibility of an elucidatory, theoreticized, and, ultimately, emancipatory practice of comparison-at-law is inherently valuable.
The second elucidatory statement is Milton's quotation from Colossians, which is fascinating because Milton's inconsistent and contradictory interpretations of this verse indicate that he is asserting divine materiality.
ELUCIDATORY, BIZ, VEX, JGS (junior grade lieutenants) and ML (master of laws) can be found in Web 3, and QAF (21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet) is in the RHD.
However concerned Andrews and Nelkin may be about the direction of the $17 billion biotechnology industry, they are seldom less than elucidatory, and their tone remains calm and convincing.
Fielding, Trev Broughton, Elliott Gilbert, and the present writer has been rather more dispassionate and elucidatory than acrimonious.
Although Dosso's final versions of his pictures must be respected as what he wanted one to see, their embryology is curious and often elucidatory, although in one work it presents a dilemma.
Nevertheless, there are no sustained studies of the sermons -- largely, one suspects, because of the absence hitherto of elucidatory volumes such as the ones under review.
Marjorie Perloff takes her title from the final page of the Tractatus: "My propositions are elucidatory in this way," writes Wittgenstein: "he who understands me finally recognizes them as senseless, when he has climbed out through them, on them, over them.
2) What is clear, however, is that while from either of the above perspectives it would have been valid Mishnaic and Talmudic editorial form to quote an halakhic opinion or an aggadic statement either accompanied or unaccompanied in the first instance by its biblical support-text, yet it would be singularly inappropriate and mystifying to do the reverse: simply to quote a verse from the Bible and leave it to subsequent generations of Mishnah and Talmud students to guess at the elucidatory teaching that the sage whose name accompanies that particular biblical quotation must originally have offered.